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Do you have a cause in your heart to fix something that is broken? Do you feel the need to gather a group of people around the purpose of Jesus in your neighborhood or a network of relationships? There are lots of reasons to start a missional community, house church, or micro church. If you're interested in leading one of these vehicles for mission and ministry, we want to help. Starting in March, the Alliance is hosting a five part, monthly training to help you launch your kingdom dream. 

Training will last one and a half to two hours once a month. Each month you'll recieve helpful information, space for discussion and processing, and actionable steps to take over the following weeks. 

Our content will cover:

  1. Live like Jesus
  2. Spiritual Family – the core
  3. Living as a Missionary
  4. Extended Spiritual Family – the oikos
  5. Engine of Prayer

Still interested? Register to let us know you'll be there.