Communities are the place where we can best live out the gospel with others in our neighborhoods and networks of relationships. We long to empower everyday people to live on mission in the context God has given them. Communities are mid-sized groups - bigger than a small group, smaller than a Sunday gathering -  that usually meet in homes. Communities live in balanced relationships between God, other followers of Jesus, and those who have not yet decided to follow Jesus. Find a community here.

Step Into Community

There are many reasons to step into a specific Community. You may choose to go to the closest location to your home. You may go because the focus of the group fits your passion. You may go because someone invited you. There is no wrong reason to step into a Community. Here are the current Communities we have going right now.

Current Communities

 Anchored provides spiritual family for those who may be a little disconnected. Anchored meets first, second, and fourth Tuesdays at 5:30PM and is located on N 45th ave.  We do not meet on the third Tuesday. 

 Lost and Found is a Community dedicated to loving those in addiction. Lost and found meets every other Wednesday at 5:30PM and is located on S 36th ave. 

 Our S 27th Ave Community finds opportunities to love and serve the surrounding neighborhood between Tieton and Nob Hill. They meet every other Thursday at 5:30PM. 

 Vista Ridge loves and serves their neighborhood in the West Valley. They meet every other Sunday at 5:00PM. 

Our Nob Hill Elementary community meets the second wednesday of every month. They eat together, care for one another, pray for the school, and provide tangible acts of service through feeding students and caring for faculty. 

Yakima Reservation Kids is located in Harrah and serves elementary age (and growing) kids following school. They meet weekly in a home to share a snack with kids, share the love of Jesus with them, and build relationship with their parents.